About Us

Our goal is to help our clients obtain the best credit legally possible. Our program improves your credit score by helping you remove negative items from your credit report. Once negative items are removed, your improved credit score can help qualify you for reduced interest rates, obtain a new vehicle, make the purchases you need, or even improve your chances in a job interview or with a rental application. Credit Score Specialist believes in the common good of ALL people. Improve your credit and your life, and stop being denied your wants and needs. It’s time YOU take control and obtain the financial freedom you deserve. Mortgage brokers and realtors, call us today and we can help your clients get approved for the mortgage they deserve!

Why Choose Us

Our services have proven so effective that past clients on average have seen 24% of their negative items–over 10 negative items per client–removed within 4 months! Our credit experts have over 20 years experience in credit repair, and we get results for our clients.

The best choice WHen you need an ally in credit recovery


Ideas and Innovation

We use the latest technology to help yield better, faster, more reliable results for our clients.

Thorough Credit Repair

We help all of our clients work to repair their credit fault regardless of type, duration, or cost.

Reasonable Prices

We understand that problematic credit hurts your cashflow, so we offer multi-level pricing.

Easy to use

Correcting your credit can feel like a headache. We make the process streamlined and simple.